Frequently Asked Questions

We know a new kitchen or laundry is a significant investment and that you probably have some questions. We’ve answered the most common for you below, but feel free to call us if you have any more!

I’ve heard kit products are cheap and nasty – what makes Kit Ezi different?

Kit Ezi source all of our manufacturing materials from within Australia to ensure we comply with Australian standards.

Many other flat pack kitchens that can be purchased from retailers such as IKEA and Bunnings are sourced overseas and imported into Australia. Some of these products have high levels of formaldehyde and other cancer-causing carcinogens, which can create toxicity in your home. The melamine E0 MDF and particleboard we use in Kit Ezi products safeguards the health of your family.

‘Cheap’ flat pack and kit products sourced from overseas also have much lower particleboard density, which means if you have to re-drill or nail the cabinet to a surface, the material may very well crumble. If a component is missing, you may have to wait weeks for a replacement, and there can also be significant colour variances in the doors and drawer fronts due to large volume batch painting that results in inconsistencies.

As we make our kits to order, you won’t see any colour variations in our product – your entire project is manufactured at the same time.

What kind of people buy a Kit Ezi kitchen?

A range of people buy Kit Ezi kitchens and laundries, including:

  • home renovators
  • tradie renovators
  • small-scale builders
  • house flippers
  • property investors
  • families on a budget.

Can you help me with my design?

Yes, we can! Come in to one of our showrooms with your room measurements (taking note of doors, windows and power points) and we can design and quote your new kitchen with you on the spot! We can also work through any design challenges you have to ensure your new kitchen works best for your lifestyle.

Are handles and hardware included in the price of my new kitchen?

All hardware is included in the price of your new kitchen. Handles are not included in the Essentials tier, but handles are available with My Kit (Category 1) and My Kit Plus (Categories 1 and 2). You will also get soft-close drawers as standard.

What kind of cabinet and benchtop finishes can I get?

The finishes you can get depend on the product tier you select:

Essentials: Standard laminate and benchtop range

MyKit: Non-standard laminate and benchtop range

MyKit Plus: Full laminate and benchtop range (excluding stone)

Can I buy appliances from you?

Yes – Kit Ezi have a range of IAG and European Studio Solari appliances at varying price points we can package into your kitchen project. Alternately, you can buy your own appliances and provide us with the specifications so we can ensure they fit your new cabinetry.

Can I buy stone from you?

Kit Ezi don’t supply stone directly, but we do have close relationships with a range of stonemasons and suppliers, so we can refer you directly to them. We can also help you manage the logistics, as stone will often not be measured until the cabinetry is installed, leading to longer lead times for finalising your project.

Can I buy splash backs from you?

Kit Ezi don’t supply splash backs directly, but we do have close relationships with a range of splash back and tile suppliers, so we can refer you directly to them.

I don’t have time for DIY - can you install my kitchen for me?

We can! With MyKit Plus, we will come to your home to conduct a final check measure prior to manufacture to make sure everything fits like a glove, and we can organise removal of your existing cabinetry and install your new one for you!

What tools will I need to install my new kitchen?

You need some basic tools (and a steady hand) to install your new kitchen:

  • spirit level
  • battery-powered drill
  • hammer
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • electric planer (if required)
  • jigsaw (for cut outs)

I’m building a new home – can you help me with my cabinetry?

We certainly can. Kit Ezi have worked with a range of boutique and small-scale builders over the years, and we can provide a kit or custom solution for your entire home if required.

How long will it take for me to get my kitchen once I’ve ordered it?

Delivery timeframes depend on which product tier you choose:

  • Essentials: 7-10 days
  • MyKit: 10-12 days
  • MyKit Plus: 12-15 days

What do I need to do to get ready for installation?

We will stay in contact with you during the manufacturing process, and will give you at least two weeks’ notice. Prior to delivery, you will need to:

remove your existing cabinetry (if you’re planning on DIY)

remove tiles and existing splash backs if you’re planning on replacing them

organise any trades you’ll need to finish your project e.g. electrician, plumber or tiler

give us a call if you have any questions.

Will my new kitchen increase the value of my property?

Absolutely – beautiful kitchens sell homes! Many buyers want to buy a move-in ready home, so you should make a substantial profit on your kitchen investment by installing one prior to sale.

When will I need to pay a deposit, and how much will it be?

To confirm your order, you will need to pay a $1000 ex GST deposit. The final balance is payable prior to delivery of your cabinetry.

What kind of warranty will I get?

When you buy a Kit Ezi kitchen or laundry, you get a 10-year workmanship warranty and a lifetime hardware warranty.